Saturday, June 9, 2012


So can't run from your shadow.  It seems to always follow you.

Hello shadow.  I'm gonna leave you in the past.  It's time for a new shadow.

This is my story.  I am divorced not once but twice.  I have two girls ages 15 and 12.  Two different fathers.  Life has been a challenge because of choices I made years ago.  I don't deal with dead beat dads, but half beat dads.  What's a girl to do?

I should be THANKFUL that I do get child support.  A lot of single mama's don't.  But as we know raising kids isn't cheap.  The older they get the more it costs.  And just for kicks let's throw in, volleyball, track.

My mama has been gone since 2007.  God knows I miss that woman.  I have no family near me.  Just me and my girls.  Doing it solo.

Right now I know that my attitude is not positive.  One dad has decided to check out.  Can anyone say controlling?  So I guess if he can't control me any more he'll try to control our daughter.  I see counseling in the very near future.  I know the damage that verbal abuse can do.  Don't want to walk that path again...especially through my daughter's eyes.

I started this blog to get all these feelings out.  No matter how negative they are.  I just want peace and joy.  Time is slipping away.  Kids are growing up fast.  So hey, let's do life and make it the best we can.  No second chances.  We only get one shot.

Time for dreams to come true.  It's not too late.

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